Prayer For the City

St Mary's School

This devotional is written by Kirstine Robb


Do you remember what it was like when the summer holidays ended and the new school year approaches? The classic stationary shop for the new pencil case, new shoes, the anticipation of the new term building - well for many of our kids that is what is happening now. They are getting ready to return to school after the long summer break and today we are going to pray for them.

Just behind the Royal Oak pub, tucked away on Enford Street, you will find St Mary's Bryanston Square Primary School. Our church Primary School. The one we talk about a lot and love a lot and are deeply proud of.

This little school, on a little street in London is doing big things – it is raising over 200 children to be compassionate, wise, thoughtful and loving humans to be all that they have been created to be.

I was moved recently by a child told me that she was really nervous about the first day of school but that she knew that Jesus was with her so she didn’t have be nervous as she wasn't on her own. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all our kids went to school knowing that they are not alone as Jesus is with them.

As the new school year starts, I would love for you to join me in praying for our school. Here are some things to be praying into:

The senior leadership team as they navigate a new headship structure
For all the kids to know that Jesus is with them and that they are not alone.

For a brilliant start to the school year.

For the new kids and teachers to settle in well.

And why not join in the fun, if you are walking past our school on your way to church, chuck up some arrow prayers for it and if you're really keen, get in touch with me about ways to volunteer with the kids or the school.

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