The I AM sayings of Jesus

I AM the good shepherd

This devotional is written by George Eldridge. George is enjoying his last few weeks of being a student before he has to head off into the real world.

John 10:11

11 'I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.


When I think of God as the good shepherd, my mind always goes to the Parable of the lost sheep. The story of the shepherd leaving the 99 to seek out the 1 lost sheep. When I first became a Christian finding out about God's incredible love for me was the biggest shock. I remember on my first life course weekend away being swept away in God's amazing love, it felt indescribable. But in that moment when I gave my life to Jesus, I felt known. I felt loved and I felt cared for. In those moments God's love is incredible... but then we have to get on with life.

Sometimes we find ourselves in places where we let the world catch up with us too much or we get stuck and that can be really testing on our faith. Life is tough and I have found that multiple times since I became a Christian almost 3 years ago I find myself forgetting the important things. The thing that I have always found gets me through is thanking God for who he is and affirming myself in who God says I am.

Thank you God that you are the good shepherd, that you love me and you laid your life down for me. Thank you for bringing life and joy and forgiveness into my life. Thank you that I am your favourite and there is nothing I can do to earn your love. Thank you that I am known and cared for. Today I chose to stand in your love and share it with the world. Amen.

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