Moving to London

Matthew is the Student Worker at St Mary's. He lives in New Cross, S.E London, which he argues is undoubtedly the best part of the city.

Matthew 28:20

...surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."


 I moved to London from a small village in Northern Ireland when I was 18. It was at this moment I discovered Jesus for myself. The pressure of dressing up for church and being the perfect 'Christian' were finally gone. Being able to find a church that I connected with at the time was the best thing I could do. Although along with this new freedom, came a great sense of loneliness. I found myself longing for Sundays to arrive so I could interact with people that I connected with. At this moment, I can try to understand how thousands of Freshers are feeling as they arrive in the city- alienated, excited, alone, expectant. Most of all, I know that it's the Student's cry to find deep meaningful connection.

Recently I have been thinking about how Jesus extends his mission from the Jewish people to the Gentiles (everyone). This is something that would have been groundbreaking in that cultural climate. With this extended mission also comes a promise. That He will be with us forever. With this promise should be an attempt to mirror the same. May we be a community that reflects the love and fellowship of Christ to students in every opportunity. We have the opportunity to demonstrate the promises of Jesus. Of course this will be difficult and we'll probably mess up along the way but even the smallest of interactions we have can point to Him.

Let's spend some time in prayer, praying for the Freshers that have arrived in the City.

Jesus thank you for your promise that you will be with us forever.
Thank you for all the students that have arrived in the city.
We ask that Students will arrive at church with questions and a desire for more.
We pray that we can mirror Jesus to everyone we come across.
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