Tricks to try at home

If you were lucky enough to watch last Saturdays Magic show, you'll know just how fantastic Magic Max was and if that wasn't enough he's also shown us how to do a few of his tricks from home! Well, how about that?!
Below are 3 tricks to get you started with your own magic show!

The Number Trick

Step 1 You ask your friend to secretly think of any 3 digit number between 100 and 1000 but you tell them that all three digits must be different digits thus you can’t have 333 but you could have 123. Tell them to remember the 3 digit number and write it down.

Step 2 Now they must reverse the 3 digits. You explain to them “if you had one hundred and twenty three, the reverse would be three hundred and twenty one.”

Step 3 Is to minus the smaller number from the bigger one. So in my case Three hundred and twenty hundred and twenty three. If necessary tell them to use a device such as a smart phone calculator to ensure they are accurate. In this case 321 - 123 = 198

They are staring the result of the aforementioned calculation on their smart phone or piece of paper and you go on to explain that this is the new starting point for the trick. Forget everything else.

Step 3 will have resulted in a number two or three digits in length. You proceed to explain that if this number happens to be two digits and not three (such as 99) then they must place a 0 prior to it (making it 099) because step 4 is going to require a three digit number. If step 3 has on the other hand resulted in a 3 digit number, we can proceed straight to step 4 without doing any of this

Step 4 requires them to take the number from step 3 and again reverse it. So if for example you had 198 at step 3, you reverse it making 891. If on the the other hand you had a two digit number at step 3, you were told to add the 0 PRIOR to the two digits meaning that 099 when reversed becomes 990.

Step 5 you ask them to add these two 3-digit numbers together so in my case 198+891 or for those who had two digits 99+990 =1089

Step 6 you ask them to multiply what ever the result is by 2

= 2178