Thy Kingdom Come

24/7 Prayer 25th - 30th May

Light up the world with prayer - check out the timetable below!

Last year we joined with churches all around the world for a week of prayer leading up to Pentecost. We came together for 'hours of power', night long worship, creative expressions of prayer and so much more. We're really excited to join the movement again this year and see St Mary's unite in praying for God's Kingdom, the only difference is we'll be doing this from our own homes!


Links to join us in prayer

 Click on the images below to join a session. Our virtual prayer room Zoom ID is: 980 8224 8851

We would love for you to sign up for a prayer slot to keep the flow of prayer going around the clock.  In these half hour prayer slots you will be either praying by yourself in your home or you can organise your own Zoom/Hangouts/Facetime meetings to pray with others online.

If you would like receive a daily prayer activity and meditation on the 25th-30th May, please sign up here: