The New Year is often a time to pause, reflect and try to press reset on some areas of our lives. Whether you’re entering the new year sprinting, or slowly and sluggishly you’re invited to  join others in our church family by seeking God with 21 Days of Prayer starting on Monday 9th January 2023.

To help us as we go on this journey together, we have produced a 21 Days of Prayer Journal which is our gift to you and can be collected at services on Sunday 8th.
Throughout the next 21 Days we invite you to join us where you can in the following ways:

1. Set time aside each day to pray and reflect on the Bible using the 21 Days of Prayer journal.

2. Join us on weekdays for an hour of reading the Bible in the morning and evening on Zoom.

3. Gather to pray on Tuesday evenings at church.

Why Pray?

To pray is to make our hearts ready to experience the love of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Click on the link below to find helpful websites, books and talks on prayer and how to pray.

Why Fast?

People in the Bible fasted for different reasons: to mourn, to humble themselves before God, and to focus on praying to God for guidance or preparation. Find lots of resources for fasting including books, practical tips and the different sorts of fasts you could do.

Download these phone backgrounds to remind you to pray during the day