Worship You


I LOVE worship! And being a worship leader at St Mary’s, I’ve seen God’s Spirit move in amazing ways. Amazing freedom and healing is done in His presence, and worship enables people to open themselves fully to God. Worship is a powerful time where God pours out His Spirit, draws people closer to Him and reveals a glimpse of heaven to us.

Barn and I decided to try and write some worship songs together just over a year ago. We’re both really passionate about worship and having both been in the band for a while, we thought it would be fun to try writing our own worship song. Turns out we’re both real sticklers for lyrical integrity and so wanted to make sure that our song wasn’t just a bunch of nice sounding lyrics, but that it actually meant something to us and helped us to connect with God.

Worship You came at a time when the world felt like a scary, uncontrolled mess! When Barn and I sat down to write, we were both keen to sing about how even in the midst of all this mayhem – He is faithful, unwavering, loving. In V1 we sing “Darkness cannot overcome, a love so great You gave Your son”. In this we remind ourselves of the amazing, truly unfathomable sacrifice God gave to the world, to us, in Jesus. And so the chorus for me is a literal motion of turning my face towards Him, for He is a good Father. I would say that’s our take home from this song.

We’ve had a lot of fun getting creative with this song, but ultimately, it’s about glorifying God and seeking His presence. So whatever is it life is throwing your way, know how much God loves you and always will.
Worship You
Written By: Ciara Holden and Barnabas Shaw
Lead Vocals: Ciara Holden
Production: Dave Holden
Mix: Rich Titchener
Ciara Holden - I've been at St Mary's for 7 years and have lead many a worship session during that time. I'm married to the wonderful and creative Dave Holden. I'm a paediatric haematology and oncology nurse, and I love my job!
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