Prayer for the Life Dinner

This devotional is written by Matt Coombs.



We praise you and thank you for who you are. In you resides eternal life and you are setting people free from fear and despair, and raising hope, dignity, confidence and and joy - fullness of life. We thank you for where this is true in our lives.

We also thank you for the privilege of being invited to work with you to extend your kingdom. Thank you that despite our fragility and brokenness we can extend an invitation to others that they might experience that same fullness of life too. 

Holy Spirit, would you fill us with your power, wisdom and confidence as we invite our friends and family to the Life Dinner. Spirit help us to pray for everyone inviting and everyone invited to the Dinner. Give us all a hunger for you. 

We pray for every single person who has been invited to the dinner. We know how much you love them and desire relationship with them. We pray that the Dinner would subvert all expectations of what church is like. May they feel welcomed and loved by you and us. 

Finally we pray for John. Thank you for his gift for evangelism and passion for proclaiming the gospel. We pray for him as he prepares and prays. Protect him from all attempts to distract him from what he is called to do.


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