Prayer for the Taskforce

This devotional is written by Heidi North who spent most of last week eating cookies.


It’s that time of year again and one of the biggest events at St Marys is back…TONIGHT! Preparations are underway and as you’ll know this doesn’t happen by magic (that's because we don’t believe in magic) but by prayer, volunteers, hard work and of course…more prayer.

So as tonight’s the night, it’s time to get our prayers in for this momentous occasion and for the Taskforce who make this night happen. We’d like to say a huge Thank You to those volunteering their time tonight.

We pray for the Life Dinner tonight and thank you that it’s an opportunity to glorify you and to transform lives.
We pray that the Taskforce will arrive with clear minds and a desire to serve you.
We pray we will feel prepared and organised and that the Life Dinner will run smoothly.
We pray that there will be a flow in logistics, that everything falls into place.
We pray for great communication amongst the Taskforce, so it will create a relaxed and stress-free environment for us all.
We pray for the pack down, that it will be quick and that our Taskforce will be able to leave at a good time.
We pray that they will be able to rest well tonight after all their hard work.
We pray for our volunteers to have a really enjoyable night that your light will shine through them in all that they do.
We pray we will be able to have fun in remembering it’s all for you Lord and all for your Kingdom.
Through this event we see so many come to know you, so let there be great conversations and we ask for your spirit to fill the room. We pray that those who don’t know you will get a glimpse of you and what the Kingdom is like.


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