Prayer for the Life Course

This devotional is written by Charlotte Anderson. Charlotte is queen of all things prayer.
The Life Course starts today! It is always so exciting seeing the church come together and invite their colleagues, friends and family members. It is one of the moments of the year where I feel the most connected as a church body as we all engage together in inviting people to explore the questions of life and encounter the living God who brings transformation.

This morning I want to take us through a short period of guided prayer for the Life Course. I will be using my favourite model - P.R.A.Y: Pause, Rejoice, Ask, Yes.

Begin by making yourself comfortable. Focus on taking deep breaths and take all the time you need to still yourself. When you are ready, invite the Holy Spirit to come and fill you afresh. Spend a couple of minutes just waiting.

I always find it encouraging to remember God cares even more than we ever could about people encountering him. In the Bible it says the Spirit is interceding even when we don't know what to pray. I often find my most powerful and effective times of prayer happen when I follow what the Spirit is already doing.

I want us to begin prayer by giving thanks for what God has done on the Life Course before. I have two friends who have had life changing encounters with Jesus on the course and became Christians. When I first joined St Mary's, I had awful stomach problems and could only eat limited foods, on the weekend away I was complexly healed. These are just some of the things I am incredibly grateful to God for – how have you or those you know been impacted through the Life course? Tell God what you are thankful for.

Now let's ask God to be at work during the life course. God loves to answer really specific prayer so as you pray why don't you ask God for measurable results.

You might like to use these prompts to help you pray:
  • Who are you praying for?
  • What would you like to see God do?
  • The team
  • Connection and comfortableness in the small groups
  • Openness to Jesus and honest discussion
  • Boldness for guests to come and also join the discussions
  • Salvation
  • The technical aspects of Zoom!

Lastly, ask the Holy Spirit how He wants to use you this course and then say YES! Maybe He is bringing someone to mind that you could invite or challenging you to daily or weekly prayer for the course (you can join others to pray on Tuesday mornings).

Lord Jesus we love you. Thank you for your incredible transformational power, thank you that you are always at work. Lord Jesus we lift up this Life Course to you and we pray that you would bless it and cause it to prosper. We pray that every person signed up and those thinking of attending would come tonight. Jesus would you remove every obstacle that might get in the way. We pray that every person who comes tonight would feel so welcomed and have a strong desire to keep coming back. We pray you would fill the team and John with your Holy Spirit and use them powerfully to bring people to you. Amen.

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