The Holy Spirit

Gift of Evangelism

This devotional is written by Luke Johnson. Luke has two passions in life: evangelism and telling people about Jesus.

Acts 2:14-41

Like all spiritual gifts, the gift of evangelism isn't exclusively for those who feel gifted at it. If I don't have a healing ministry, it doesn't mean that I can't see people healed and it doesn't mean that I should refrain from praying for healing. The same applies to evangelism.

The danger is to think that Christianity is a message, and that evangelism is the communication of it. The problem with this is that it removes God from the process. Evangelism becomes all about us - how extraverted we are, how well we communicate, how convincing we are etc.

Historically Christianity has never been a message - it is an experience of the Risen Jesus (that then becomes a message). If we separate the two, majoring on the message, we lose the very reason for giving it! Re-read the passage focusing on Peter's method rather than his words - what is he doing? Is he offering an apologetic for ideas or is he explaining what people see? Is he talking about things he believes are true, or things that he's witnessed? actually re-read it!

Notice Peter doesn't give a compelling explanation or proof for the resurrection but talks about what he has witnessed (v32). The reason it is effective (remember 3000 is likely just men) is because it places the emphasis back on what Jesus has done rather than on our ability to communicate it. The reason I want to tell people about Jesus, is because my experience of the Risen Jesus changed my life forever. Evangelism is actually all about communicating what Jesus has done and is doing through us. Can you talk about what you have witnessed Jesus do? That is evangelism.

Think of something amazing Jesus has done in your life and pray for the Holy Spirit to show you who to share it with today.

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