How to read the bible

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This devotional is written by Matt Coombs. Matt is one of the leaders at St Mary's.
Every so often I like to make space in the Every Day with Matt planner to help people with reading the Bible in different ways. For this one, you'll need a Bible you don't mind scribbling in, or an iPad with Apple Pen or a print out of a Bible and a pen.

This approach is to help you make connections with what the passage is saying to you, and therefore, how God might be speaking to you on any given day.

Read a passage or a number of passages through once to get an idea of what it is being said. Then read them again slowly paying attention to the following.


  • Circle repeated phrases Underline promises
  •  Draw a box around commands
  • Mark every reference to God with a triangle


  • What stands out to me?
  •  What challenges me?


  • What prayer requests can I make based on what I have read?
  • What can I praise God for in this passage?
  •  How can I see Jesus in this passage?
  • What one thing can I apply from this today?
  •  How can I pray this passage back to God?

Try this with any passages you like. Here are some you could try today:

Psalm 139
 Philippians 2
 Matthew 6

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